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Communicable Disease 
Prevention Guidelines

(Updated June 2023)


  • Patients must not enter the clinic if they are sick or show signs of communicable disease.
  • RMTs must not provide in-person care if they are sick and/or show signs of communicable disease.
  • Proper hand hygiene must be followed.
  • A clean work environment must be maintained.
  • Adequate ventilation must be maintained in the practice environment.
  1. Communicating with patients and others that anyone who enters the practice environment must not show signs of communicable disease.
    • Prior to arrival at the clinic and/or at the time of booking, patients should be informed of the following:
      • Patients must arrive at their appointment with no signs of communicable disease.
      • Patients must be advised of options regarding the availability and use of masks.
      • Patients must be advised of additional requirements they will be asked to meet upon arrival at their appointment (e.g., hand washing upon arrival, arriving on-time for appointment).
  1. Hand Hygiene
    • Patient cleans their hands upon entry to the practice environment.
    • RMT washes their hands often, as appropriate.
    • Hand-washing protocols are posted in reception area, in the treatment room, and at sinks (including bathroom for patient’s use if applicable).


  1. Cleaning
    • All therapists and staff will practice consistent cleaning protocols.
    • Linens must be single use only.
    • Frequently clean and disinfect:
      • handles: doors, cabinets, faucets, fridge, microwave, etc.,
      • electronic devices and phones,
      • arm rests of chairs,
      • desks and table surfaces,
      • water coolers,
      • washrooms.
    • Ensure the treatment room is thoroughly cleaned between patients:
      • Clean equipment and supplies (table, table levers, lotion bottles, hydrotherapy supplies, etc.) after each patient.
    • Air purifier / filter in the treatment room may be helpful if the room has no windows or external air exchange. Use of an air purifier/filter is at the RMT’s preference and discretion.